Does your old case for iPhone 6s fit iPhone7?


Apple anounced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus during Apple’s big event last week. The new iPhone which goes on sale on Sep 16, features better camera and longer battery life as well as new finishes, water resistance, and stereo speakers. Aside these new functions, the new phone may look very similar to it’s predecessor. According to the Apple’s website, it has the same demensions as iPhone6s and 6s Plus. So, does your old case for iPhone 6 fit the new phone ?

Dimensions (iPhone7:left iPhone7plus:right)

The camera has major design differences

Bussiness Insider wrote in it’s article “the lens and flash combo on both phones takes up noticeably more space”. This means unless your case have wide cutout on the left corner which gives the space for the camera, you may need a new one.

iPhone7 Plus has more dramatic design change on the camera.

Some case brands has already released new cases for iPhone7 and 7Plus. We will post about some fancy cases in the next article.