Best looking smartwatch : Michael Kors Access


Michael Kors’s first smartwatch collection announced early this year is finally on sale worldwide. As seen on brand’s instagram and posts by fashion-foward people, this is one of the best looking tech timepiece among wearable products.

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The watches powered by Android Wear which is compatible with Android phone and iOS features social media updates and text and email alerts, app notifications, built-in fitness tracking and smart help from Google. Functionality has no big difference among other Android wear timepieces,instead it’s customizable face design are the best part of this product.

With a swipe of the finger, users can switch between digital versions of the most popular watch faces from the analog Michael Kors line, like the Kerry, with an evening-wear-ready pavé dial. Owners can also customize their own watch faces by selecting the color and style of the dial, hands and sub-dials to suit one’s outfit.New York Times

Availabel in two styles

The collection is consists of two designs : Bradshaw Access and Dylan Access. Both names are already familiar to MK watch owners.

Bardshaw Access9227692_fpx-tif
Dylan Access9221551_fpx-tif
Bradshaw Access($350-$395) is 44.5mm, much bigger than regular Bradshaw’s 36mm and the thickness is 14mm. Dylan($350), witch is aimed at men has 46mm case.